Real Technology Heroes
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Mr. "It Works on My Computer" guy
Mr. "Overly Complicated Application" guy

Who are the Real Technology Heroes?

Are they the ones who invented the operating systems we use? NO!!!
Are they the ones that created world famous algorithms used today? NO!!!

We salute the ones that do not get recognized...but should. That's right, we salute you, Mr. "select * from table examples writer" guy and you Mr. "I can write my own version of .NET faster than Microsoft" guy! and all of the others that deserve recognition.

Stand up and be recognized

We Salute Bud Light too!!!

The content of this website was inspired by the folks from Budweiser that have created one of the cleverest ad campaigns in history. The Commercials are all absolutely brilliant and have become part of our culture in many ways. Thanks, Guys!!!

Send Somebody an Award Email

One of the best features of this site is that you can send somebody an award. If you know somebody that fits this description, you can send them an email so that there is no confusion. Send an award to somebody who should really be known as:

Each Month we have Two Winners

Each month we pick two winners, one for the person who suggested a new hero and one for the person who wrote the lyrics for the best new hero. The winners will get a coffee mug and a T-Shirt with their Hero on it. There is definitely a coolness factor to seeing your Hero on a coffee mug or t-shirt.

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The most common question asked is....Who does the voice for Real Technology Heroes? Drumroll please..... It is Scott Fletcher, Voice Talent Extraordinaire and fellow computer geek. Please visit his site to see some examples of his talent and find out about his company.